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Displaying Variables in Callbar

One important feature of Studio is that it allows you to push any variablesvariables - Variables allow you to collect data and use it to make routing decisions. It includes, for example, information collected via IVR menus or via data dips into the account’s CRM system. Once added in a step, a variable can be reused in another step. Variables for Callbar can be managed through the 'Manage context' menu. to agents as part of the “call contextcontext - Information that qualifies an interaction and can be displayed in the agents' Callbar. It can include data such as the contact's name and phone number.”.

To access the stored variables, click on the "Manage context" icon in the top-left corner of the flowflow - A flow represents the full lifecycle of a call. It is a road map to how calls will be handled from the moment they enter the phone system to the end of the call.:

Next, select the variables that you want to display in Callbar and press 'Save':

From now on, when an agent receives a call in Callbar, the variables and their corresponding values will be displayed:

Updated 8 months ago

Displaying Variables in Callbar

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