Hours of Operations

The hours of operation determine if a Contact Center is open or closed based on the business hours that are currently in place. There can be exceptions that alter the regular hours of operation of a business, namely for emergencies and ad-hoc or scheduled meetings scenarios.

Defining and managing the hours of operations of a Contact Center is an important consideration for a business, as they impact the agents’ availability, the expected volume of interactions, as well as the overall customer experience.

In Studio, there are dedicated components to define the hours of operation of a Contact Center.

With the Time Based Rules component, it is possible to define specific rules to route interactions to a specific agent or group of agents during business hours and offer contact persons a voicemail outside of business hours.

The Calendar Based Rules component allows setting up time-based parameters to define specific routing logic on particular periods or days of the week.
For example, Studio Flow administrators can set up a rule to lay differentiated greetings and route interactions to a different phone number or a voicemail on public holidays.

Note that if a Studio Flow does not have a Time Based Rules component configured, the business hours defined at the account level will be used as a reference for reporting purposes only.

For more detailed information on the impact of Business Hours defined at the account level on a Studio Flow execution, please refer to this article.