Caller Configuration

Define which number is going to be displayed on an external phone when a call has been forwarded. There are two options:

  • "Contact number": The phone number of the person who made the call.
  • "Touchpoint": The point of contact used in an interaction between a company and a contact person.

External Number

You can insert the number to which the call will be routed, or use one of your pre-configured variables to route the call to a phone number associated with the previous events of your call flow.

This section also enables you to configure the maximum time your external device will ring before taking the No answer exit.




If you use a variable to set the external number, please make sure it is in the E.164 format. You can use a Studio Function to manipulate the phone number so that it fits the E.164 format. Please see an example here.

If the variable value is not in the E.164 format, the call will not be forwarded, and the step will exit through Invalid Number.