What is Talkdesk Studio?


Talkdesk Studio™ is an interactive visual designer that offers Talkdesk Admins a new way to design and manage both simple and complex flows.

Studio offers a new assignment system providing new capabilities, like time-based actions on virtual queues and interaction prioritization. It’s continuously being extended to provide a best-in-class routing solution with omnichannel capabilities.
Studio gives contact center admins the ability to visually design customer journeys with little to no code or expensive IT resources.

It features a rich library of powerful and easy-to-use components that admins can use to seamlessly drop in contact center actions such as data dips, complex IVRs and call recordings, among many others. This makes it easy to visualize the exact structure and outcome of any flow. Studio also offers granular queue management functionality so you can get specific around prioritization, wait time and time-based actions on virtual queues.