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The Reporting component enables you to decide how a given interaction or contact is reported through ring groups.

You can select the ring group from a list or consider a variable in the flow. For instance, the component allows you to use information collected from a CRM such as Salesforce for your call reporting.

At interaction or call level, Talkdesk will surface the ring group(s) encountered in the last assignment and dial step and will include them in the “Tags” column in the calls report.

At the contact level, if several contacts take place during an interaction, the “Calls Report” in “Explore” will consequently display several ring groups associated with the interaction, under the “Ring Group” column.

With this component, data interpretation can be eased, since the “Calls Report” in Explore will only display the ring group(s) that you decide to use during the assignment process.

Updated 5 months ago


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