Zooming and Panning the Canvas

Note: “Panning” refers to the omnidirectional scrolling of an image larger than the display.

There are several ways in Studio to zoom or pan the Flow Editor canvas.


Mouse: Hold the CTRL key + scroll wheel.

Touchpad: Use pinch gestures, i.e., place two fingers on the touchpad and increase and decrease the gap between them.

Toolbar: Click the (+) and (-) signs to zoom in or out the center of the canvas.


Figure 1: Toolbar

Click the Expand button then Fit to screen to be provided with a bird's-eye view of your flow. This feature is particularly useful for large flows.


Figure 2: Expand button


Figure 3: After clicking on Fit to screen

Click Reset for the Flow Editor canvas to go back to its starting position.


Figure 4: After clicking on Reset



  • Omnidirectional pan: Right click and drag.
  • Pan up/down: Scroll wheel.
  • Pan left/right: Hold the Shift key + scroll wheel

Touchpad: Place two fingers on the touchpad and slide in any direction.