Service Quotas

To ensure the correct functioning of a call flow and of each Studio component, Talkdesk establishes default service quotas, as described in the table below.

Note: These values do not represent the limits for all areas of Talkdesk and are only applicable to accounts using Talkdesk Studio™.

Flows per account ¹500
Functions components per account ²30
Salesforce Data Dip components per flow ²5
Execute Action components per flow ²20
Maximum executed steps per interaction300
Step output payload size (platform hard limit)65KB
Execute Action output payload size64KB
Exposed context value limit1024 characters (per value)
Maximum payload limit for API Triggered Flows requests64KB
Number of concurrent assignment jobs per account400K

¹ When you approach the 500 flows’ service limit, a warning message will be displayed. If you wish to extend this quota or if you would like to obtain any additional information about Studio’s service quotas, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Talkdesk Support.
² The growing number of Functions, Salesforce Data Dip and Execute Action components impacts the performance of the Studio Flows validation process.