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Define the conditions for each routing path.

Custom Exits

To build the ​conditions​, you'll need to configure the details for the following sections:

Matching: Choose Any or All, to define whether the exit will be met based on a single condition or on all listed conditions.

Conditions: To set a condition, define the following:

● A variablevariable - Variables allow you to collect data and use it to make routing decisions. It includes, for example, information collected via IVR menus or via data dips into the account’s CRM system. Once added in a step, a variable can be reused in another step. Variables for Callbar can be managed through the 'Manage context' menu..
● The logic you wish to apply.*
● Another variable. Alternatively, you can insert a custom value.

Add Condition​: Add additional conditions to the exit (AND).

Exit name​: Choose a name to be given to an exit and to be seen at the flow level.

Send to: ​Choose the next component for the call to be routed to in case the rule is applied.

Add Exit:​ Create additional exits with their own conditions.

*If you select "Contains", a word can be partially matched. For example, the condition "Contact's name Contains Lou" will be met if the contact's name is "Louis Specter".

No Match

If none of the conditions are met, and there is no match, you can decide what the next component will be.

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Define the conditions for each routing path.

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