On the Exits tab, you can split your incoming calls into different routes.

Splitting Distribution

The Splitting Distribution bar converts to percentage whichever weight ratio you insert in each Exit box. This allows you to visualize the percentage of calls that will take a specific exit.

For instance, as shown in the screenshot below, you can choose to record 11.1% of your calls, direct 5.6% of your calls to Callback, and send the remainder to your Standard IVR.

Weight ratio: Here, you can insert any whole number from 1 to 1,000,000.
Additionally, and as mentioned in Working with variables, it is also possible to add a variable to get the weight ratio value.
Please note that the number you add here works as a relative quantity, and it will be represented as a percentage in the Splitting Distribution. The Splitting Distribution is automatically calculated once you input a number.

For example, if you have two exits, and add 5 as the weight ratio in both, the Splitting Distribution will show: Exit #1 (~50.0%), Exit #2 (~50.0%). Change this to 10 and 5, and the Splitting Distribution will be updated to: Exit #1 (~66.7%), Exit #2 (~33.3%).



When, at least, one variable is used to define a weight ratio field of a “Traffic Splitter” step and its associated exit is enabled, the distribution summary bar and the related percentages will not be displayed, since it is only possible to know the variable’s value during the component’s execution.

Exit name: Choose an adequate name for the exit in order to quickly find it in the flow.

Send to: Direct your incoming traffic to a component.

Toggle: Click on the toggle to enable/disable an exit. The Splitting Distribution will be recalculated every time you do so.


Add Exit:

Click on Add Exit to add and configure more Exit boxes.


Traffic Splitter Algorithm

A randomized algorithm is used to decide which Exit is triggered in the Traffic Splitter component. Please note that:

  • The execution order of the Exits is not guaranteed.
  • Previous calculations are not taken into account.
  • Exact percentage splits are not guaranteed.

Error Handling

You can use the “Error Handling” section to define the behavior for unexpected failure during the execution of a component. For more information on this section, please refer to the "Error handling" documentation.