The Arguments tab makes it possible to define the module’s input arguments that will later be exposed in the Run module step of the flow referencing the module.

To do it, give the argument a name. Then, select the type of data of your input argument. Available data types in a module’s input arguments are:

  • String
  • Boolean
  • Number

Finally, use the “Map to flow variable” field to select an existing variable from the list or create a new one that will store the value of the previously defined input argument.

Add more argument names, if necessary, and map them to a flow variable to be later used in the module.




While editing a module already in use in a Studio flow, if you change or clean the name of an argument or remove the variable mapped to the input argument, it will become unavailable to use in the flow.

Changes in arguments in modules already in use may lead to unexpected behaviors in runtime.

If you change the data type of an input argument of a module already in use, in the flow you will have the indication that the type does not match and will need to assign the argument to a different variable of the new type from the list, if any.