Call Prioritization

You can use a Conditional statement, together with the result of a data dip in Salesforce, to route VIP customers to an assignment component with a higher priority. This way, you can assure that the calls coming from these VIP customers are handled first.

To do this, configure a Salesforce data dip to populate a variable related to VIP contacts when the customer is considered VIP:


You can add the following SOQL query:

select VIP__c from contact where name='%{}'

Next, configure a Conditional statement with two Assignment and dial exits: one exit for when the contact does not meet the VIP condition, and another exit for when it does.

In the VIP Assignment and dial, you can assign a high priority to these calls by selecting 1 in 'List of priorities':


1 corresponds to the highest priority, while 10 is the lowest priority. This means that you need to select a number higher than 1 in the Assignment and Dial component for Non VIP customers.