Multilevel IVR

Multilevel IVR systems enable contact centers to efficiently manage incoming calls, route them to the appropriate agents or departments, and provide a streamlined experience for contact persons. It also reduces the agents' workload by handling routine questions and providing self-service options.

In Studio, the Standard IVR component can be used to create a multilevel IVR (with unlimited levels) which allows classifying the topic of an interaction and then assigning it to the relevant set of agents.

Please see below an example of a multilevel IVR implementation:

  1. The IVR system greets the contact person and provides a brief introduction to the organization and its services.
  2. On the main menu, the IVR system presents the main menu options to the contact person, which could include choices like "Sales," "Customer Support," "Technical Support," "Billing," or "General Inquiries".
  3. Upon selecting an option from the main menu, the contact person is presented with a sub-menu of more specific options related to their chosen department. For example, in the "Customer Support" sub-menu, options might include "Product Information," "Returns and Refunds," "Shipping and Tracking," or "Order Status."
  4. Depending on the complexity of the IVR system and the number of services offered, there may be additional sub-menus that further refine the contact person's options and guide them to the most relevant department or agent.
  5. Once the contact person has navigated through the IVR system and reached the desired option, the interaction is routed to the appropriate agent/group of agents or is placed in the waiting queue, if there is no one available to handle the interaction at the moment.
  6. Fallback options for timeouts and invalid keys pressed can be added to guarantee contact persons can easily be assisted if needed.
  7. The ability to request a Callback or leave a Voicemail can be offered, so contact persons can receive a call back from an agent or leave a voicemail message, without having to wait in the queue.