Permissions to Use Studio Flows and Modules



If you are in Talkdesk Workspace, you can access Studio and all features described below by navigating to the Studio app. For more information, please refer to this article.

To start using Studio, please follow the steps below:

Giving Studio Permissions to a Role

Granting permissions is a way to guarantee that only users with specific roles can perform certain actions in Studio Flows and Modules.

  1. Go to Admin, select Roles and Permissions [1], and then, the role to which you want to grant permissions [2].

  1. Click on Permissions [3].
  2. Click on Edit [4] and scroll down to the Studio section.

  1. In the “Flows and Modules” area, click to select the relevant permissions [5]. Each permission will enable you to perform the following actions:
    • View: In the Editor, users can see published, draft, and archived flows and modules, open them in read-only mode and export them, and in the Manager, see the “Manage numbers” option on flows.
    • Manage: Users can edit, save, restore, and duplicate flows and modules in the Editor. This permission allows users to create, duplicate, delete, rename, and edit draft flows and modules and see the flows’ limit and error notices.
    • Publish: In the Editor, users will be able to publish flows, and in Manager, they will be able to manage numbers, i.e., assigning, unassigning, and reassigning phone numbers to Studio flows.

Please be aware that you can only see the Studio app and perform "Manage" actions if you have “View” permission. In addition, you can only perform "Publish" actions if you have “View” and “Manage” permissions.

  1. Once the access has been granted, scroll back up and hit Save. The Role will now have access to Studio.



By default, Administrators have permission to use this feature.

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