Prioritizing Low CSATs

If you use Salesforce and you want to prioritize incoming calls according to the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) of a caller in Talkdesk, you can do so through the use of Variables. For example, if a customer has a CSAT lower than 5, you can prioritize their call and/or assign it to more experienced agents.

Please follow these instructions to prioritize calls according to the CSAT of a caller:

  1. Open the Incoming Call component and select the Preferences tab.
  2. Click on the drop-down next to “source_phone” and then on Create variable.
  3. Give a name to the variable. It will store the phone number that called your contact center and will be used to check if, in Salesforce, the number is associated with a specific CSAT.
  4. Select the Exits tab and add the Salesforce data dip component.
  1. Open the Salesforce data dip component and paste the following query:
SELECT Id, CaseNumber, Owner.Email, CreatedDate, CSAT_SCORE__c FROM Case WHERE ContactPhone = '%{current_flow.contact_phone}' ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC LIMIT 1



The “CSAT_SCOREc” in the query above is a custom field we created in Salesforce that reflects the CSAT of the customer. If you haven’t created one or it has a different name, create one and/or replace “CSAT_SCOREc” with the appropriate name.
If you have given a different name to your variable (step 3), replace “contact_phone” (the lower case instance only) with the name of your variable.

  1. Click on Retrieve Data.
  2. Click on the "CSAT_SCORE__c" drop-down, and add a new variable with the name “csat_score”. This variable will store data if there is a match between the CSAT and the phone number.
  3. Open the Exits tab and add the same Conditional Statement component to all three Exits.
  1. Open the Conditional Statement component, and select the Exits tab.
  2. In the first exit, use the buttons All or Any and the drop-downs to create the condition below. Either one of these buttons can be selected since we're only creating one condition.
csat_score Less or Equal to 5
  1. Name the Exit “High Priority” and, under “Send to”, add an Assignment and Dial (A&D) component. We’ve named it “Premium Line” because we want to prioritize calls from customers with low CSATs.
  2. Under “No Match”, add a new A&D component. We’ve named it “Regular Line”.
  1. Open Premium Line (A&D component) and select the Preferences tab.
  2. Scroll down to the “Priority” section, and choose “List of Priorities”.
  3. Since we want to prioritize these calls, select 1 for top priority.
  4. Fill out all the remaining fields in both tabs.
  1. Open “Regular Line”, scroll down to the “Priority” section, and choose “List of Priorities”.
  2. In the “Priority” section, select any number except 1 so that this A&D does not have the same priority as the A&D for callers with a low CSAT.
  3. Fill out all the remaining fields in both tabs and remember to save your flow when you are finished.

From now on, if calls coming through the two A&D components you configured, end up in the same queue (directed to the same agents or ring groups), the “Premium Line” calls will be handled first.