Request Direct Callback

The Request direct callback component enables callbacks to be requested via Application Programming Interface (API) scenarios. The Request direct callback can be made to:
● A phone number previously defined in the Studio flow.
● An extension number; this means the callback is going to be performed on the previously defined phone number + extension.



Although it is possible to use multiple direct callback steps on the same interaction, the sum of the maximum waiting time of all of them should not exceed 48 hours, which is the limit duration for an active interaction. Interactions exceeding this limit will not be supported, and will generate flawed records on reporting.

Calling Back Use Cases

When the Request direct callback request comes in, the agent can answer or reject the request the same way they would do with an incoming call. Talkdesk will then automatically call the number specified for the callback request. If the callback is answered, an agent will be joining the call. For more information, please check this article.