A phone extension is an additional number added to a main telephone line that allows calls to be directed to a specific agent or department within an organization.
Extensions are typically represented by a string of digits that follow the main phone number and are dialed after reaching the main line. For example, if the main phone number is "555-456-7890" and the extension is "1234," callers would dial "555-456-7890" and then "1234" to reach the specific extension.

With Studio, it is possible to gather extensions directly from the IVR. To do so, the contact person should be asked to input the agent's extension before they are connected to an agent or group of agents.

The extension information provided by the contact person can then be stored as a Studio flow variable and used to look up the agent’s email (by extension) in the Customer’s CRM.

The agent’s email address, retrieved from the external system, can also be stored as a variable in the flow context and used to route the call to a specific agent (assigned to the extension previously gathered) in the “Assignment and dial” Studio component.