Components are the basic building blocks of a call flow that you can configure to perform basic actions and to suit your needs.

Below, you can consult the list of available Studio Components and each group/category:

Component Groups/CategoriesInformationStudio Components
Contact / Input Actions Requires contact action/presence and input.- Enroll voice.
- Input IVR.
- Standard IVR.
- Authenticate Voice.
- Voice IVR.
- Voicemail.
- Voice transcription.
Conditional Actions It takes decisions depending on determined conditions.- Calendar based rules.
- Conditional statement.
- Time based rules.
- Traffic splitter.
Data Actions Reads, processes, or saves data from different sources.- Execute action.
- Run function.
- Run module
- Salesforce data dip.
- Stream audio unidirectional.
- Validate phone.
Agent Actions Require an agent’s presence or cross with the agent’s work.- Assignment and dial.
- Auto-answer.
- Callback.
- Connect Virtual Agent.
Automated Actions Actions decided by the Flow admin, that are triggered in a part of the flow, without an agent or contact action.- Forward to external number.
- Make outbound call.
- Play audio.
- Forward to Phone
Flow Actions Actions that you can perform at a flow level.- Estimated waiting time.
- Record
- Reporting.
End Actions Actions that terminate the flow without any interaction from the user.- End flow.
- Return to Flow