As Talkdesk Studio evolves, we occasionally launch upgrades to the componentscomponents - Components are the basic building blocks of a call flow. There are multiple components available that you can add and configure to suit your needs. Check the full list of available components in the "Studio Components" section of this guide.. These upgrades include new features or improvements to the overall usability.

Major upgrades are not applied automatically to avoid disrupting the flowFlow - Actions performed during the lifecycle of a call.: a message is displayed within the component to let you know that an upgrade is available.

Please note that, if you use the same upgradeable component in more than one location in your flow, you must upgrade each instance separately. This is required because a major component upgrade usually introduces new features, which may change the previous configurations of the component or make them incomplete.

To apply the upgrade, click on Update.

A dialog will appear. Tick the box and then click on Update.

We may also launch minor upgrades, which are automatically applied whenever you edit a publishedpublished - If your flow is published, it means it’s error-free and that you can assign phone numbers to it. flow and publish it again.