In this tab, you can find all the connections that have one or more actions configured in your account. If a given connection does not have an action configured, it will not be displayed in this field.

Connections: The connections that you have previously configured in Admin > Integrations are listed here. Select the connection of your choice from the drop-down menu.

Actions: The actions available in this drop-down will depend on the connection that you have selected in the previous field. Choose the applicable action from the options presented.

Action Description: This field will display the description previously entered in Admin > Integrations when creating the Action. In case the chosen Action does not require inputs and/or outputs, this field will not be displayed.


In order to execute the HTTP request, the input fields need to be filled in with data that needs to be transmitted to the REST API. Variables already available in the flow, as well as custom values, can be input in these fields when setting up the component. Nonetheless, at present, only the “string” and “number” types can be used for this purpose.

The input fields will follow the configuration that has been defined beforehand at the “Action” level. If a given field is required but not filled in, Studio will display an error message and will not allow the flow admin to publish the flow.


The output fields will return the results from the external API. This component supports the following data types:

  • String.
  • Number.
  • Integer.
  • Boolean.
  • Arrays (via Raw Response).

There are two options for the outputs that return the results from the external API:

  1. Select "Parsed response" if the data retrieved is a string, number, integer, or boolean.

  2. If the external API retrieves arrays, select the “Raw Response” option, which results in a string that can be mapped to a context variable to be parsed and manipulated using the “Run Function” component.



  • Currently, arrays are only supported in an object and not in the root of a response.

  • If the selected Action contains an array, and the “Parsed response” option is selected, a message will be displayed to inform that the “Raw response” option must be selected instead.

  • The Execute action output payload size is 64kb.