Concurrency Between Studio and Classic Routing Issues

There is a small chance that calls that come from Studio Routing and calls that come from Classic Routing try to compete for the same agent. In these scenarios, one of the systems will reserve an agent and deliver the call to that agent, while the call routed by the other system will be missed. This currently affects a residual number of calls and is more noticeable in the following cases:

  • When a Studio call and a call routed through Classic Routing reserve the same agent at the same time.
  • When a transfer competes with a Studio call for the same agent, at the same time.
  • When callbacks defined through Classic Routing settings are enabled and these callbacks, along with Studio calls, reserve the same agent at the same time.

Due to the coexistence of Studio Routing and Classic Routing, to ensure that concurrency situations are reduced, you can adopt the following recommendations:

  • Having all routing going through Studio - if every call goes through a Studio Flow, the probability of concurrency between systems, and the probability of the issue arising, is significantly minimized (concurrency issues may still occur if a transfer competes with a Studio call).
  • Avoid transferring calls to the same ring groups as Studio - this will also mitigate the issue and reduce the number of missed calls that derive from this situation.
  • Enabling the “Exhaust” option in the Assignment and Dial component can also help to mitigate this issue since by doing so, the component will not exit when the agent is at concurrency, and the system will try another available agent.