Dynamic Call Prioritization

The Dynamic call prioritization uses the result of a data dip in Salesforce to assign a higher value to a priority variable for calls from VIP customers (i.e. it validates the caller and assigns the priority accordingly).

To do this, you need to configure a Salesforce data dip component to retrieve data through a contact priority variable:


You can use the following SOQL query:

SELECT Id, Contact_Priority__c, Owner.Email, CreatedDate FROM Contact WHERE Phone = '%{current_flow.contact_phone}' OR Fax = '%{current_flow.contact_phone}' OR MobilePhone = '%{current_flow.contact_phone}' OR HomePhone = '%{current_flow.contact_phone}' OR OtherPhone = '%{current_flow.contact_phone}' OR AssistantPhone = '%{current_flow.contact_phone}' ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC LIMIT 1

Next, you can configure an Assignment and dial component to define the priority based on the contact priority variable added in the Salesforce data dip component.

To do this, you need to select that variable in 'Variable in the flow context'.


In this example, the call will be handled by the Support line based on the priority fetched from Salesforce.