Assignment Parameters

In order to get the estimated waiting time, you should define the ring groupring group - A ring group is a distinct text value applied to agents to define call routing. Ring groups represent skills, departments, languages, or other distinguishable characteristics. When a call is routed to a ring group, the system checks whether agents containing that ring group are eligible to receive the call. that will handle a certain call. There are two ways to do that:

  1. "List of ring groups in your account": A drop-down menu that lists all the ring groups associated with the current account will be displayed.

  2. "Variable in flow context": A drop-down menu that lists all the variablesvariables - Variables allow you to collect data and use it to make routing decisions. It includes, for example, information collected via IVR menus or via data dips into the account’s CRM system. Once added in a step, a variable can be reused in another step. Variables for Callbar can be managed through the 'Manage context' menu. available will be displayed.


The estimated waiting time can be stored in a flow variable and then be used to make routing decisions.