Send to voicemail

IMPORTANT: This component has been deprecated. It can still be used in existing flows but it cannot be added anymore. The Voicemail component should be used instead.

The sole function of the Send to voicemail componentcomponent - Components are the basic building blocks of a call flow. There are multiple components available that you can add and configure to suit your needs. Check the full list of available components in the "Studio Components" section of this guide. is to route the interaction to voicemail. There are no Preferences or Exits available.

The voicemail box is preconfigured and specific to each Voicemail component of a given account.

It’s important to configure the audio message before this component, otherwise, the caller will not get any contextcontext - Information that qualifies an interaction and can be displayed in the agents' Callbar. It can include data such as the contact's name and phone number. before the component starts executing its logic.

If a voicemail greeting is configured, under the ​Admin > Numbers​ tab, then it will be played when the component is executed. If no message is configured, then the default 'Please leave a message' is played.