Assignment Parameters

Here you can assign voicemails to specific agents or ring groups. Alternatively, you can use your preconfigured variablesvariables - Variables allow you to collect data and use it to make routing decisions. It includes, for example, information collected via IVR menus or via data dips into the account’s CRM system. Once added in a step, a variable can be reused in another step. Variables for Callbar can be managed through the 'Manage context' menu. which will assign voicemail to agents/ring groups according to the previous events of your call flow. If your selection falls under the “Agents” assignment category, the variable to use will have to correspond to the agent’s email.

Record duration

Transcription: If you select the "Transcribe to English" option, all your voicemails will be transcribed. However, an accurate transcription will only be possible if your callers leave you voicemails in English.
Note: An additional cost is charged per voicemail transcription. Please contact Support or your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Max duration in seconds: This is where you specify the time limit for the voicemail recordings. When the limit is reached, the recording is saved and the call gets disconnected.